A Look at the Chop Magic Food Slicer

Chop Magic SlicerI’m pretty spastic when it comes to chopping up fruits or vegetables. I don’t trust myself around knives, and when forced to cut up a potato, it goes flying and the pieces never come out the same size.

The Chop Magic Food Slicer is a great way to protect food from my messy hacking skills. It comes with these neat lids with blades over them. One has the blades parallel to each other for slicing and the others have crisscrossing blades that form a grid to julienne. All I have to do is put an onion, bell pepper, or whatever I want to chop up over the blade, put on the top, and press down, and I’ll get perfect uniformly shaped pieces every time without worrying about slicing my fingers.

What I really love is that due to the design of the product, all of the slices fall into the catch container, which doubles as a measuring cup. No more trying to scrape up bits off the cutting board. The best part is that I can just keep chopping my ingredients into the same container because it can hold up to 6 cups. To cube, I just gather everything I chopped, arrange them over the blades, and push down on the top again.

I will say that it requires quite a bit of force to slice up really firm items like a potato, but it definitely beats going at them with a knife. On the other side of things, the blades are sharp enough to cut cleanly through a softer, over ripe tomato without mushing it all up. I was a little worried about clean up because the crisscrossing blades seem like a pain to wash, but thankfully the Chop Magic Slicer is dishwasher safe.

Storage is a snap too because the extra blades fit inside the container. Overall, I really enjoy using this device and I think you will too!

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